Friday, March 16, 2007

Retiring to New Mexico ... in an RV

In honor of my cousin -- the same one who rides the off-road Segway with the helmet labeled "Nutcase." This cake was crafted for her official office retirement party today. This is my version of the super-fancy RV they are hopping into after March 31. They will triapse down here and make it to our daughter's wedding celebration on their way to official retirement on their land in New Mexico. How's THAT for some awesome relatives?!

The cake had to be shipped nearly 1000 miles. It made it more than on time, and somewhat unscathed ... I hear it was listing to one side when it arrived -- and some (soon-to-be-ex) fellow employees determined the listing was obviously because she and her husband were sleeping on that side of the rig ;-)

I gotta perfect this cake-shipping thing, for sure. Although -- this was a pretty big cake to ship. I don't blame it at all for listing a bit to one side. Plus -- I can't control DHL, much as I would like to think I can.

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Kevin said...

I misspelled "traipse."