Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Offroad Segway?

Never knew there was such a thing. But there is. And here's the cake to prove it. My cousin got one for her retirement present. So when her kids threw her a surprise retirement party, we knew we HAD to make a Segway Cake for the event. So here it is. Another shipper-cake -- this time it went only about 950 miles, and DHL got it there a Whole Day Early. (My shipping guy tells me they've got me on their "Do NOT piss this woman OFF" list now. Works for me.)

The wheels and standy-onny-thing-part are chocolate cake, iced in buttercream and covered in chocolate fondant tinted black. The fenders are gumpaste painted with silver luster dust. The handle thing is rice krispie treats made with melted chocolate rather than marshmallows, then covered in the same fondant -- I figured the kids could chew on that thing all night and leave the cake for the adults.

The cake itself shifted off to the side a bit in shipping, and all that green grass (royal icing) was demolished in transit ... but cousin's son and his wife did an excellent job of re-doing the green-grass icing and sticking some jellybeans (see post below) in the grass. Hopefully I'll have some pics of the "after arrival" cake to post, soon.

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