Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emily's birthday

Just a simple little cake to be shipped to Chicagoland for middle daughter's birthday. Around the sides it says, "Happy Birthday Erin and Kate's sister." An inside joke from one of my new favorite blogs ... Cake Wrecks. Check out this hilarious blog if you haven't seen it yet.
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Sara said...

I am also from Houston (Kingwood actually) and am a fellow cake decorator, though not nearly at your level! I have been following your cake blog for a long time, but I dont't think I have ever commented, but wanted to tonight. I also LOVE Cake Wrecks - gotta make sure nothing I've made is posted there haha! I have seriously thought of sending Jen pictures of some of your cakes for her Sunday Sweets, you do fabulous work!
Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I think you do great work, and to keep it up! I wish I had half your talent (and patience!).
~Sara K., kingwood TX

Kevin said...


How wonderful to hear from you! I'm glad you finally came out of blog-comment hiding! I am honored, and thank you for the kind words of praise.

I'm sure you have the talent. But I will readily admit that patience is the hardest commodity to come by.

At least in my experience!

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