Saturday, April 25, 2009

R2 D2

Or as the birthday boy said as he raced through the door to pick up his cake today, "Where's my R2 cake!?" I didn't know R2 D2 had a nickname. Silly me. He was over the moon when he saw it, which delights me no end.

White Princess Sour Creme cake with all buttercream. I've done R2's before with fondant for all the little doo-dads on top of his head and down his front, but decided to go with all buttercream this time. It's kind of a tricky cake to cut to begin with (four layers of cake!), so I thought I'd try this version to make it a little easier on the mom in the cut and serve department.

When I told the little guy that R2's legs were made of Rice Krispie treats he made a "yuck" face. First time ever to meet a child who doesn't love RKT's! His older sister promptly claimed them for her own and birthday boy put dibs on the entire top half of the cake for himself. Works for me.


Kate said...

haha the older sister would be me...I love RKTs!

Kevin said...

Yep. That would be you, for sure!