Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Roberts Elementary

This is a teacher-appreciation cake for a local elementary school. The parents wanted to do something nice for teachers and staff after all they had been through, post-Hurricane Ike. They requested a cake that looked like the school did on that Monday after Ike blew through town.

Thus, the messy school grounds and the downed branches, trees and leaves. If you look closely, the bottom right hand corner of the front of the cake features an orange hurricane symbol -- named IKE!

The actual school is a blond brick building with a red front door and blue shutters at the windows. They fly the American and Texas flags inside that little round sidewalk-enclosed garden space at the front door. And the international flags out front represent their upcoming International Festival.

I'm hoping there won't be a crumb left.


SH said...

Can you make a cake for my school that has flames all around it and kids with fangs?


Kevin said...

You betcha!!!

Love you back.

Kate said...

omg I love it!! haha as soon as Al saw this he said "you're mom is such an artist" :-) More love coming your way from us!!