Saturday, August 16, 2008

Texas Family Reunion

I can hardly take any credit for this one. All I did was bake the layers, ice them, cover them in fondant, and make a fondant license plate to sit atop it all. The customer came up with the (very) clever design, then even came over to pipe all the writing on it -- freehand!

I may have to hire her to do all my piping. She says she'll work for cake. And frosting. And fondant.

Sounds good to me.


Julie Jackson said...

All the Jacksons and Hoopers loved the cake, both the look and the taste. It had many photographs taken of it before we ate it up. Thank you so much, Kevin. I counted it as my anniversary 8/11, birthday 8/14 and reunion cake 8/16 and I consumed triple portions. Yum. Is there a better combination than pretty and good? I don't think so.

Kevin said...

You are so sweet. And I think you should have consumed at least double triple portions!