Saturday, August 23, 2008

Night Blooming Cactus

No-it's-not-a-cake. Just our glorious cactus that bursts forth with these amazing blooms maybe 3-4 nights a year during July and August. Last night was a huge bloomarama. Tonight promises maybe 9-10 more. (If you look closely you can see the little green closed-up buds on the sides of the cacti.)

They bloom after midnight and are closed up again by 8-10 am. Fortunately I was up working on a cake last night, and actually remembered to take the camera out at 1 am to record this magnificence.

Interestingly enough, our neighbor's cactus bloomed last night, also. Such truly magnificent plants.


Mads and Kelli said...

one of those moments you cannot really explain to someone ...they must EXPERIENCE it!

Jean N. said...

magnificent! Thanks for capturing this for those of us sleeping through it.