Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Chocolate Fondant Road of Life - Groom's Cake

The groom had precious memories of playing with all these metal figurines from his childhood. When his dad died, he found them in his effects, and wanted to somehow incorporate them into his groom's cake. There was a bride and groom, a police officer, two young boys, an elderly couple, and 3 cars. As we sat here at their initial consultation, we brainstormed on how to go about creating a cool groom's cake with these wonderful figurines. The bride and groom would go on top, with the first car, next to the beginning of the chocolate fondant road of life. Turns out, the groom's uncle was a police officer in New York, so he could greet them as they embarked on their journey (he's on the bottom layer, to the left of the red car). The two young boys (to the right of the road) could obviously be their possible future children as they continued through their life travels. But the bride and I were both puzzled about what to do with the elderly couple, and where would we fit them into the picture? The groom immediately declared, "That's us, in our old age."

Is that not the coolest story you've ever heard for the creation of a groom's cake?

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