Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hostess Gift

So ... we're invited to dinner at a dear friend's home tonight, and she won't let me bring anything to contribute to the meal ... so she gets this instead. A tiny "personal cake" just for her and her husband to enjoy, later.

I've been wanting to try the quilting technique and the pillow-cake technique ... what do you think? It looked a lot like a pie with a teal-colored top crust when I started out ... but if you squint your eyes, twirl around three times and click your heels together -- does it kinda sorta look like a pretty little gift pillow, fit for a princess or a queen?

Oh dear. Why do I keep hearing that nursery song, "Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie..." repeating over and over in my head?

Darn. It DOES still look like a pie, doesn't it? Oh well. It's a pretty pie. Especially if you like teal crusts.

1 comment:

SuperHolmie said...

It looks great! The color is divine-- and what a great gift to give them! Their OWN cake to eat that they don't have to share with anyone!