Thursday, June 09, 2011


That's the grandbaby I've been trying to blame for my lack of posts on this blog since last September. What a bad Granny I am. It really wasn't her fault and I shouldn't have blamed her.

(She is sitting in the midst of Grandpa's glorious garden here, a few weeks ago. Isn't she cute?)

As it turns out, I can blame all the lack of posts/pictures to this blog on my camera! Izzy's mom is a professional photographer. She helped me figure out how to upload pictures again from my camera to to my blog last night (the process which hasn't been working since September), then very diplomatically told me I have a DINOSAUR of a camera to deal with and better gosh darned buy a new one!

All righty then.

My apologies to everyone whose cakes I've created since September and haven't been able to post the pictures of ...
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