Monday, June 02, 2008

Kate's Birthday

Our youngest turns 20 today. We have no more teenagers! But by golly we have the gray hair and wrinkles to prove that we've been through those years three times now.

Kate has had a bubble gum fetish since she came forth from the womb, I swear. She has begged for a bubble gum machine of her own for every birthday since at least age 5. Of course, being the mean parents we are, we never bought her one. (All that sugar??!! Horrors!!!) Even her friends today will attest to the fact that every time they are out in public, she hits them up for a quarter to get a gumball out of the nearest machine.


Therefore, I thought a bubble gum machine CAKE for her 20th birthday would be perfect.

That's 4 layers of cake carved into the "machine" shape and iced with hot-pink buttercream. Silver-painted fondant accents, genuine gum balls affixed with buttercream to the bottom of the cake and filling the glass fish-bowl-vase which is affixed to the top of the cake with fondant.

It is an understatement to say that the cake was a huge hit at her birthday party last night.

A piece of cake, a scoop of ice cream AND a gumball. What's not to love?


Martek said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!! We love you over here. Timmy's jealous he didn't get to play with you at Emily's party.
Hope you have a fab bday.

HOLMES said...

That thing is awesome! I got my thumb stuck in a gumball machine when I was ten, and I've been afraid of them ever since.

The cake rules!!

Kevin said...

Ouch. Reading that made MY thumb hurt!

Sally said...

You know, Kate and Kevin, Johnny has the worst case of bubble gum addiction I have ever seen. Hmmmm.... was it you or me Kevin who gave it to them? hahahaha