Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Wedding Story

A wedding for 100 guests. The bride is a pianist -- thus the hand-crafted gumpaste grand piano as a wedding cake topper. The groom is a rocket scientist who has built and launched his own rocket (without NASA's help). Thus the hand-crafted gumpaste rocket ship blasting off from the top of the groom's cake.

Now here's the really cool part ... I had the privilege of crafting the bride's birthday cake last year.

When she turned NINETY! Yes, that's a big 9-0!

Then she found true love, they decided to get married (with the full support of their families), and I had the extreme privilege of being asked to craft their wedding cakes for the ceremony today.

Is that the coolest wedding story you've ever heard, or what?

Married at 90! Woo-hoo!


kate said...

Whew momma, you did it again---I knew you could!!!! :-) you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, both to the cakes and the newlyweds!!! (there's hope for me afterall...!)
Great cakes down the page, too!!!

Kevin said...

Thanks, Elspeth!