Friday, February 22, 2008

Collaborative Cake for Cousin's Kids

Aka, "World of Warcraft" cake. I would know nothing of "WOW" if it weren't for my cousins who imported that world here from Michigan and Tennessee. I still know nothing about it, really, but here's a cake that hopefully represents (where would I be without Google?).

Short background info: The dad, mom and eldest son all have birthdays in February. Dad and both sons are all into WOW. Mom's birthday is on Valentine's day. Birthday son has a dog walking/poop-scooping business.

Parents of the dad were here visiting recently, thus the collaborative cake conversation for their combined birthdays.

Those brown shapes on top of the cake represent the two worlds (continents?) in WOW. The purple/white swirly thing is the "Maelstrom." The blue/green orb with golden toothpicks sticking out of it is the compass.

The gilded red hearts 'round the cake represent the mom's birthday on Valentine's Day.

And the fondant grass replete with gilded fondant dog turds represents eldest son's birthday.

This is winging its way to Michigan as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed.

AND ... it's another surprise. Can't wait to hear if they figure out what it is inside that box ........


Anonymous said...

great work, as always

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