Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas!

A fun little 8" cake. Stay tuned for 7 more cakes and several dozen cookies over the coming weekend. And to all my friends and family -- my apologies if you haven't heard from me lately. I'm up to my ears in buttercream and it doesn't combine too well with my keyboard. The girls are harping on me to get the Christmas letter done to enclose with the photocard that we at least DID get done -- some two weeks ago. So stay tuned. You're not forgotten. In fact, I think of you all most every day -- and wish I could electronically send you each goodie I make every time I post a new picture.

Time, time, time. Where do I find more?


photochic said...

Yeah mom where is the x-mas letter? Send me what you have so far.

Kevin said...

It's on its way ...

So far, it's all about you. Imagine that.