Monday, April 30, 2007

Not a whole lotta pictures going on ...

I apologize ahead of time for those of you who check in daily to see the latest 'licking the screen' opportunity.

But hubby and I are MOVING into our new nearly-empty nest during this merry month of May, and I have precious few cakes to be created. Thankfully, since goodness only knows where my cake pans and supplies will be at any given moment for the next month!

So there won't be much to see here until after Memorial Day weekend, but if you'd like to see some other pictures, you can click on over to my Urban Suds soap blog at

Yes, I craft both delicious soaps and amazing cakes, so go on over to the soapblog to see what's available in the land of Urban Suds right now. Maybe that will give you the fix you need. I DO have a new soap flavor called "Pound Cake." It's amazingly yummy. But please don't eat it.

If you need to contact me about cakes or soap or anything else, my email address is

Have a great May, and you won't BELIEVE what this cake business will transform into after June 1. Stay tuned!


Jimmy Hoffa said...


Can we do Joe's cake this summer or is your cake business going national??

His birthday is June 11 but we will celebrate it in July pr August.


Kevin said...

Hey Shelly,

Even after I'm rich and famous and have 3 shows on the Food Network I'll still make Joe's cake every year!

July or August will be a perfect time. Just email me. Has he decided what he wants yet?


Jimmy Hoffa said...

He said he wants chocolate. But this was after a long discussion and him having to hear the description of each type of cake several times. At one point I thought he might make a pro and con list. The dork.

Great then! He and I are going to Vegas in July, so when we get back will be perfect... or, right before we go back to school.... we'll see.

Can't wait!!